Yellow diamonds in the light; we found Ocean in a hopeless place

Music that inspires and motivates me.

In the very beginning I wanted to write about Jay Z, in my mind I had drawn up a little draft about his constant bragging about how frigging much money he has, how many fancy cars and how I can’t fnck with him if I ain’t got no six digit number in my bank account balance. Then in my mind came Rihanna, being an hour late to Amsterdam concert, because of stepping in a coffee shop, showing disrespect to fans and everybody else who came, singing live like cats sound like when tortured by little bullies; changing the styles as the managers tell her, from a wide pants nice-girl to a hardcore sexual intercourse fan to junkie who finds love and tattoos on her bottom. Just check the amount of people writing songs for her; she has not wrote a single song whatsoever.
But hey, I am fully aware that I ain’t got no right words for all that and world wide web is full of nagging blog entries about it all already, so instead Imma tell you what I love in the music today. One very special man who may change the music world as we know it now. His name is Frank. Frank Ocean. He lives on another planet, from where he brings things: lyrics, music, voice and thoughts that are out of this world. His soul might look like a yellow diamond in the light, that might be right, Calvin Harris.
Thus far he has wrote lyrics for John Legend, Justin Bieber, Beyoncé Knowles and some others. Some little time ago he featured two tracks in Watch the Throne with my beloved Jigga and Kayne (No Church In The WildMade in America).  Nostalgia, Ultra, that is a trip out of this world, I think I’m leaving for another planet and living another life and my mind, my mind gets lifted up in the sky when I listen to it. Just listen,

I believe that marriage isn’t

between a man and woman

but between love and love

(We All Try)

He is comparing an unforgettable girl by to novacane (aka procaine, anesthetic drug, often used in dentistry). He is also using references to the Bible, Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, Boys II Men, Patrick Swayze and other.

And oh his voice! Right besides John Legend and Pharrel, he’s another angel, sent from heaven.
A gift to mankind. A beautiful mind.

A very inspirational and motivational person for me. His music makes me want to use mellow tones, think about how can I tell my story via a photograph and tell how beautiful the world is in simple, yet genial techniques.
In this way, listening to his music and also watching videos (a rare happening, both are extraordinary invaluable!) makes me open my brown paper notebook and scratch some ideas, sit and think, putting the pressure on the replay button.

Also, a great coincidence, that he is shot, I mean, photographed by people with some real great master skills and they refelec his music in his face, clothes and pose. Another great source of inspiration!

Photo by Nathaniel Goldberg

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