Learning Photography 2.0

So here we are… lesson number two. Beginning photography, let’s gooo!

See, there are many ways to start after you have gathered the courage to enter this beautiful and amazing field of photography.

One thing you have to know for sure is which way you want to go. There are many types of photography, there is landscape photography, there is pet photography, baby photography, portrait photography, fashion photography, wedding photography, senior photography, ooh my, right? Oh, yes, and then there is stock photography.

However, there is thing  common for all of them. Everyone of them needs loads and loads of practice. And I mean, yes, reading books and related articles on the internet about it IS important as well, but you CAN NOT forget to put it all to practice. You may not succeed at the first try, but you have to keep trying until you have reached the point when you think to yourself: “Oh, this is almost perfect, good job!” Why almost perfect? Because when you think it is all perfect, there is no longer the urge to go and exceed you maximum. And then it’s just plain sad, friends.

So back on the positive track again, folks… First thing is to get to know your new best friend, lover and companion, your camera. Have you chosen your yet? There are many roads to go… Digital SLR, SLR (yes, using the good old 35mm film!), Zoom camera, point and shoot… Wow, right? what to do, how to find the one and only for yourself? I suggest you meet (face to face) some more advanced (knowledge-wise) professionals and ask them the topics you would like know about more in just a friendly chat-like conversation, over a coffee or sandwich, in a free and friendly atmosphere. Before you invite someone, be sure that you have seen his/her work and are sure that you think that he is qualified enough to talk to, so to say, respect his/her work. Also, prepare a list with questions you’ll ask. You have to have some idea, what kind of camera you want and for what reason. This is easier than you think, nice and professional people have time to talk and they are very open, it may even surprise you! Once you’ve got the answers… go and see eBay. I mean, there you can find loads of great cameras for a nice price, shipping worldwide! Also, if you are thinking a used camera is ok for the first camera… go for it! But be sure you know in exactly how good of condition the camera itself is! And one more thing, set a budget you want to spend. One more thing you have to know, it may take some patience and time to get the camera to your door, as it may be shipped from far. But good things come for those who wait, right?

This was a bit more technical, but not too much, how do you think? What to do next, when you’ve got your hands on your new camera? I will tell you what one very good friend of mine told me to do when I was having trouble with understanding my first Canon DSLR camera (the very first camera I had was Fujifilm Zoom type camera, by the way). He told me to light the candles, put my charged camera friend right next to me and take the manual in my heads, read it from first to last page and try it all out as I read. But I think I have to confess though, I did not do it. I was lazy. So go ahead and do it!

I wish you a very pleasant weekend, enjoy shooting and have loads of creative ideas!

USSR 35mm film cameras, textured, old cameras

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