So this is it! 2012 is here.

I want to congratulate you all and I wish you loads of inspiration in the following year! Take as much as you can and make this one count! Take the opportunities and squeeze the best out of them.

And the announcement we all have been waiting for:

I have completed the 365 Days Project

It was an amazing journey from 01.01.2011.-31.12.2011., I enjoyed every little piece of this cake, which now consists of 365 delicious pieces. I feel like I have accomplished something I set myself up to and the challenge was not from the simple ones.

I stared it after going back to my home country (Latvia) and leaving my camera for two weeks behind. I missed my Canon so bad, I even couldn’t imagine I could miss shooting so bad. So once I came back to the Netherlands I picked up my camera and on my 3 hr way home in the train figured out I want to use my black plastic friend every single day. I could not imagine a better date to start than 1st of January, the very start of a new year. I entered many flickr groups and added my shots there and I have found so many interesting people because of this project! Invaluable.

If you’re considering a new thing to take up to, I suggest you to try the 365 Days Project! It takes a lot, but it gives back way more!

365 days project laine apine black and white sitting textured

365 days project laine apine happiness smile red hair in the woods white cloud

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