How To Answer Stupid Questions

Without any further ado let’s get to the point.

cat whiskers interested curious dummy asking answering stupid questions

So once in a while we get asked stupid questions. About what we’re doing, about our chosen speciality field, about our blog and photo style… So some of the answers could be:

Sorry, I don’t speak your language.

Yes. (smile)

Cheers mate, I really like the idea behind it!

Of course, nothing is wrong, I am just looking so blue because you came over.

I was trying this style of editing because I thought you might just like to ask me WHY.

No, don’t let the falling snow fool you,  it actually was summer.

No, these negatives mean the photos are actually digital. 

Yes, I would love to shoot you for a family&friend discount price, even though first time I saw you was yesterday when you added me on facebook.

I would like to explain why this photo is black and white, but you might not like to see your face before retouching.

Shooting in your house sound like a good idea, we can variate a lot!

Of course I would not like to get paid instantly. I can feed from the rain water and dead animals on the road until next week.

 I would like nothing more than see your stamp collection, as long as the hourly rate is as low as it is.

(For the sake of saving your nerves; just turn around and silently giggling walk away)

Actually take a serious thought about the question and answer, while looking patient and kind.

Be sure to add yours.

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