11 Photo Project Ideas

So here I will list down some photo projects that might be pretty interesting to take on and complete. I truly love making project plans and I love seeing people realizing  it and also coming up with their own ideas about projects. In fact, I think doing a photo project is a great way to make yourself used to some kind of creative photo routine. I am willing to believe you have loads of great potential in yourself, so why don’t you find it and set it free!

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  • 365 Days Project: make a self portrait or a photo for a year, complete it with great three hundred and sixty five images of your life! It will take a lot of your time and you’ll get used to taking photos every day, as well as making yourself stick to a creative routine!  (I completed mine at the last days of last year; it was a blast!)
  • 52 Weeks: If you are too lazy for 365 Days Project, or just ant to take some more time to make better quality and mote thought-over photos, this is the one for you! Think about the concept of the weekly photo all week long and at the end, make the best out of it!
  • Personality Case: Make a investigation about a person, stalk him/her, if you’d like. Follow one particular person (with his/her permission, of course) and make photographic notes about the daily happenings. Follow your friend or a person from some concrete workplace with a job you’d like to know more about. It can be so interesting to observe and report!
  • People’s Shoes:  Shoes are what a person walks with, what you put all your trust into to protect you from wet and cold feet! There would be no walking without shoes. Find people with interesting shoes and ask if you can take a photo of them and show it to the world.
  • Stranger’s Style: Style and looks is what attract eyes to the strangers. Look around and you will find people with interesting style, wherever you go! Ask people on the street whether you can take a photo of them. Don’t make just one, combine more together to show all of the details and accessories.
  • People in Their Rooms: A room tells a lot about the personality of the person. Make a list of the people you know and would like to know a little bit more about them. Ask them if they would like to pose in their natural and most safe environment, in their room.
  • Daily planner: Everyone is different. So is their schedules and free time activities. And notes. So why don’t you take a look with your third eye, the lens, on people’s time organizers. It’ll be not only interesting, but also eye pleasing, I can promise that to you!
  • Week Of Evenings:  There are seven days in a week, seven evenings. Not that much, huh? But if you come to think of it, the evening of every day differs from others. I mean, in Monday you feel like the week is going to be so long, stressful and tiring, but in Friday you feel like you can lift the Himalayas with one hand! Make a series about with what feelings you associate the concrete evening of the day and put a story together!
  •  Dreams: It is very interesting and useful to write down your dreams the moment you wake up. This way you ill not forget them and what an amusement the information will be! I did this one and I found out I am even more wicked in my subconsciousness than I thought. I have also dreamt about the conceptions of my yet-to-come photos. Make a photo that goes together with the concrete dream and make a illustrated dream journal!
  • Handwriting: This one I find particularly interesting, as today’s world has almost completely forgotten the charm of handwritten anything. Write down a few key sentences about your day, about the ideas that have come into your mind or even make a favourite quote series. Scan the papers or photograph them. You can also put a little more effort and make it even more interesting, write handwritten letters to people who mean a lot to you and would very much appreciate a gesture like that. Don’t forget to take a photo of how the finished letter and envelope looks!
  • Dedications: Mae dedications! Dedicate photos for what inspires you! It can be a person, a band, a singer, a single song, an artist, a writer, a book… anything! I sometimes make kind of single covers for the songs I love and that makes me happy!

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You can even create a separate blog dedicated to this project you chose, it’s free and fun! Also, it is more easy to locate the people who ask about your project straight to the web page!

I have a strong belief that there are many more creative ideas about a project one can make! I will be glad if you add a link where your already started or finished photo projects can be seen or share your own unique  idea about a possible and creative photo project! :)

15 thoughts on “11 Photo Project Ideas

  1. I tried the 365 Days before and couldn’t keep up, so this year I decided to go for the 52 Weeks one. Anyway, these are really good ideas for projects! Makes me want to photograph more. :)

    • Yeah, I agree, 365 Days is quite hard and takes a lot!
      52 Weeks also is a good idea, I think :)

      I’m glad I could help to set free your creativity and want to shoot. Score!

  2. These are really neat ideas! I haven’t done a lot of dedicated photography outside of jewelry documentation for a while (since school, really!), and I like the idea of a photojournal of the year… maybe I’ll do 12 Months! Jewelry’s my first 365 project (work on a piece every day, even if it’s just five or ten minutes). Also, thanks for the like!

    • Thank you! I am super glad you found these ideas good and useful!
      I wish you a good luck with the 12 Month project! Can’t wait to see the photos posted on your blog!

      And sure thing about those likes, I like your work ( and project!). I was also making some earrings some time ago, but when the school ended, this passion kind of burnt out too. Sometimes I do like feeling like getting back to it… :)

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  4. Thanks for stopping by carefreecomposition.com. I appreciate the blog like.
    Thanks for the tip on handwriting…I’d almost forgotten what my penwomanship looks like!

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