Meet Eindhoven

Eindhoven is a city in the Netherlands, saying no more, see the look of it and my impressions below.

35mm film, Fuji ISO 200. May/June 2011

yard houses summer 35mm film photography Eindhoven Netherlands

Yard, Eindhoven, the Netherlands 

35mm film photography street Eindhoven oldschool the Netherlands

Old Mercedes on the street, Eindhoven, the Netherlands 

street photography eindhoven the netherlands sunny sunlight summer bricks, city life

The Street, Eindhoven, the Netherlands 

riding bike home streets of eindhoven the netherlands daily life transport biking

Riding Home, Eindhoven, the Netherlands 

6 thoughts on “Meet Eindhoven

  1. I just did a little reading up on Eindhoven; you’ve got me curious.

    Unfortunately, what I’ve read so far doesn’t really tell me much about the people there. Please, shoot more. I want to see.

    • Oh, that is nice!
      Though I do not think I will be returning to that city soon :)

      I’ve done some shoots there, maybe will publish them later on.

  2. Hey Laine,

    First I wanted to say thanks for ‘liking’ my Harmony post (most appreciated).

    Secondly – just visited your blog for the first time and was so delighted to see your lovely pictures of Eindhoven. Very nice. My father was born there and I had been to this pretty little town a couple of times to visit my Oma and Opa when they were still alive. I hope to head back there one day to reminisce. Until then, your photo’s will have to do.


    • Your blog is very interesting!

      Thank you for sharing your story and connection with Eindhoven!
      I was a often guest there a while ago, but now it has not occurred, in the last month.
      But I am sure to put some more photos from there, I sure have took many more, also some portraits.

      Again, your comment is very much appreciated! :)

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