Today; The Day When A Genius Was Born

In January 30th, 1984 Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi was born.

I can not express how much his music means to me and what it is a journey to listen to his music. Celebrate the future of music, a galaxy journey.

So here are some scratchy digital notes. A few dedications; inspired by Kid Cudi’s music, my photography and some silly letters.

down and out kid cudi song lyrics name title music

Down&Out. 35mmFuji 200 film, summer 2008

kid cudi song lyrics title up up and away film photography 35mm tower sky blue

Up Up& Away. June 2011, Canon 450D, Holga lens for Canon digital 

kid cudi lyrics song holga lens canon digital

Gentle With Drugs Heavy With Love. Canon 450D with Holga lens for Canon digital, october 2011

play it back from the top if you recognize real kid cudi lyrics  the prayer 35mm film photography sky blue clouds

Play It Back.  Expired 35mm film, summer 2011

Teleport to me 2 kid cudi song lyrics cover single

Teleport2Me. summer 2008+texture

7 thoughts on “Today; The Day When A Genius Was Born

  1. Hey, I had the opportunity last weekend to use my Holga lens and posted the pictures. Good weather really does it justice! Just thought I’d let you know :)

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