11 Photo Project Ideas 2.0

coca cola cherry green glass bottle plastic bottle tasty open happiness You may have read my first (1.0) version of 11 Photo Project Ideas. Enjoyed it? Looking for more photography ideas?

 So here, once again, I will list down some  photography project ideas. Take them and adjust for your own needs, feel free. Afterwards, it would be nice if you could share a link of two with the outcome. :)

With this post I am not aiming for the title best photography blog or anything like that, I just enjoy taking notes and sharing my ideas for photography and help.

So take a cup of coffee and enjoy some tips in this list of ideas on how to start creative up the photography routine!

  1. Patterns. Look around and notice what the experts of photography notice; the little things. Have an eye for the detail. Patterns are fun to look for and later on you can use them as free and legit textured for your other moody shots. Improve your photography with some sweet pattern lovin’!
  2. Textiles and Fabrics. Take great photos of everyday things. Simplicity really is the key. Take a walk around the shopping mall with your camera hidden in the bag or just see what your closet keeps as a secret. Fabrics are easy to search and interesting to find a creative way to display.
  3. People’s Accessories. How to be creative photographer? Take what others wear and show how you see them. Rings, necklaces, ties, hair clips, vintage earrings… it all can be a part of great, eye catching and fancy bunch of ideas on photography. Take shots of your friends’ accessories and later on print them out as birthday cards, just a small side idea to show off how you appreciate their style with a side portion of little bit of self-promotion.
  4. Other’s Gear. Have you noticed how you always spot a good lens and the interesting camera before the pretty face that is shooting with it? Yes, why not? Start a conversation and ask if you can take a photo of that fancy and good looking vintage camera. There is joy in sharing.
  5. Same Place Different Time. This is not anything new, but some of the memories should be captured forever. For example, take a photo of the current place you are living in, lets say, two times a month. You could choose a landscape with many interesting plants and objects. After some time you will have created a little archive. Imagine how sweet it will be to look back one day on this collection and remember the good times you had while living in that particular city/country.
  6. Shoes. Shoes are everything. Seriously. It tells more about a person than usual people imagine. Find people on the streets and ask them can you simply take a photo of their shoes (do not forget to ask, otherwise it can turn out pretty wickedly)! Simple as that. But why shoes? People put the biggest trust in them, shoes are what allows us to walk our roads and move freely; without them the daily actions can not be imagined (sometimes summer can be an exception though)!
  7. Hands. Hands always tells a story about the person before the words. The whole life can be seen in the lines on hands. Just take a closer look at the elderly’s hands… It is like a fairytale book.  Hands are my favourite part of a human, I must admit, very appealing. Yellow Plums film photography nature colours film 35mm analogue analog
  8. B&W Memories. Try shooting one roll of black and white film. Just try it. Shoot whatever catches you eye, but before pushing the shutter button, think how this image will look in black and white. Try to see a black  and white photography, instead of colours. See the   light without colours and feel the scene: will it work in black and white? Will the colour reduction will help to emphasize its story? Try and see how it feels. No Photoshop action will ever replace real B&W film.
  9. Things That Inspire You. Why just take notes?   Take photos instead! See something you like?  Something that has the potential to inspire you and your photography? Shoot it! Feel free to take a walk around the block (or two) this spring and see how the new lives of trees, bushes and flowers are setting free your creative spirits.
  10. Food. You know what makes me happy? Photography, sleep and food! And if I can mix two of them together, I am a very happy girl! Why not to take a photo of the fresh looking, just-made dinner? Or maybe a tasty looking cup of extra sweet cappuccino?

Do not waste any more time, grab your camera and take on a new and exciting photo project!

Tons of luck and add your own spice of creativeness!

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