Nostalgia. A Year Ago

Lately I have been feeling kind of nostalgic. Warning: This is not going to be very much about photography. Behind the  pixels, I also have a soul.

Rain is pouring outside my window, sun is shining only behind the clouds and I have my playlist of Chopin playing non-stop, since I came home from work. It is the first of two exams weeks. I think yesterday three in a row was a bit too much and I messed up a vital exam.

But it is not about that. It is not even abut this. It is about the fairness of life. No, man, I’m kidding. Ok, maybe I’m not.

You all might have been introduced with this very unpleasant thing, the Feeling Alone. Life sometimes is so unfair. And I mean in the way that everything that happens indicate that you must have been a very awful and mean person and now the karma is whipping your ass for that. Yeah, it is not just a teenage problem. So, this guy, Feeling Alone. He sucks, right? But I guess if spent enough time together, you could become friends. Isn’t that ironic, being friends with Alone. But it is the only choice.

Others might fill up my world but as well they might empty it.

So, let’s take a look in what was I doing exactly one year ago.

spring flower feelings emotions feet dress lady legs fragile nostalgia a year ago 12.04 12th April 2011 2012

A Year Ago, 12th April 2011

Seems like I was all filed up with everything’s blooming aka Spring Fever. Well, fair enough. I had no doubts I will finish the school
year, I had special people in my life, I had a job, I had money to throw in the direction of new shiny photography toys and the idea that I did not had a plan didn’t bother my mind much. I was pretty much high of life. I got what I though I need and it was all good as far as my eyes could see.

Everybody is so full of advice and seems like they got it all together. Well, I guess I’m different that way. I rarely can fake a smile and kind gesture, moreover I see no point for that. As for being true, it is the only way that I know.

I guess the best I could do now is keep on focusing on what is impornt to me and my future, set aside the things holding me back, at least get the dirt off my brain and do some more studying for exams.

In the mean time, another good way to use this being down mood is to take it all out on moody photos. It’s the best option so far. A little of Hoga lens, a little of home-made textures and some tone adjustments afterwards, seems like a fair plan. And some vintage manual fixed lens shopping on eBay wouldn’t hurt either.

P.S. Chopin is wonderful, you should listen to him and discover yourselves again, though his music.

7 thoughts on “Nostalgia. A Year Ago

  1. Well I have a good advice for you since I have got everything sorted out. I am kidding of course. All I can say is that the picture is beautiful. Still I find it interesting that you took it a year ago, when everything was going well for you, since I do find it a bit nostalgic. Maybe it is just me.
    Chopin is wonderful yep.

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