The Right Place, The Right Time. Photography Inspiration

So here I am, sitting in the sun, burning my cigarette and balancing the laptop on my lap. This time I have out aside the my photos are stories on their own type of thinking and going for words.

I wouldn’t dare calling myself an artist, so I’ll go with creative workergirl, model, inhale, smoke in the air sitting smoking texture portrait fashion style lilac beautiful beauty

Ever wonder how creative workers come up with inspiration? How do they find motivation? I do not know the formula (because I am bad with numbers sometimes and I could get it all wrong for you), but I know how the process happens for myself and for the other creative people around me.

There are times and places when you feel down in the dumps, because you feel no inspiration and then you get confused what motivation is after all. Don’t worry. Simple as that. One just simply can not squeeze the inspiration out of thin air. And do not stress yourself with that.

If there are bad days, there are good days as well. If there is inspiration, there is no inspiration as well. Simple as that.

But where to get it? How? This is pretty simple as well. I’ll quick list down some of the stuff you could try to implement in order to feel the excitement of motivation and creative juices flowing though your veins:

  • Meet new people. Nothing brings more motivation than meeting people with whom you share the same passions. Other creative workers. Photographers, musicians. Go outside and see the world as they see it. Exchange opinions and perceptions. You’ll be amazed how different the world may seem for them. Share it! Don’t be shy.
  • Gather inspirational materials. Browse though other’s blogs, posts and even the small notes posted somewhere. It’s all out there for YOU to see and get inspired! List down the music videos that make you think and want to try out different editing and photoshoot styles. Look though magazines and mark the pages that speak to you.
double exposure jump happy fun spring bright colours contrast photography guy jump jumping man  green yellow
  • Turn on the music. It is sometimes all you need. A song. A song you can listen on replay, while editing photos. A song that will stay in your head while shooting. Just one song and one song only. It’s all you need.
  • Go outside. Look, see, observe. People passing by, the nature, the human creations. Take a trip to a city nearby you have never been to. Travelling and relocating yourself for some time is always extremely exciting!
  • Visit your favourite place. Everybody has one. Go there to gather your thoughts, be sure to take a piece of paper or open the notes section on your smartphone. Suck in all the good vibes your favourite places gives to you. After all, it is your most loved place for a reason!
  • Turn your laptop off. Sometimes all we need is some piece and quietness. Computers and made to make our life more easy, but is creation of the great things always easy? I don’t think so. Give your eyes and your good, old friend, Mr. Laptop a break. A well deserved break. Look how much fun and relaxing you can have going some hours or days without it.
  • Edit old photos. I bet you have loads of unedited photos from the previous shoots lined up in the memory of your computer. take a look through them again. Maybe something catches you eye. Try to edit and experiment, you have all the time in the word now!
  • Work on our skills. Develop yourself further. Take it to the next level. Learn more about your camera and Photoshop. Spend some time researching. Keep your twitter, facebook page, blog, inspiration wall and website updated!
  • Plan your next move. Organize your future actions. Don’t leave it all aside. If you do not have the inspiration to work on your personal social sites, blog or website now, plan and organize what will you do when the inspiration strikes again. Prioritize the tasks you have to do, so you’re ready when the ideas come again!
  • Don’t think about it. Seriously. The more you’ll try to make the creative side of your brain work, the more it’ll shut down. Don’t stress. Let it rest and wait until it is ready to collaborate again. Study, work and watch some movies.
model fashion style portrait black and white B&W bokeh water drops no colour pose creativity
These are just a few ways to set your mind free and let the thoughts fly high. Hope some of you will find them useful.
I strongly believe that you hold so much potential within yourself so do not be afraid to develop it and present it to others!

Please feel free to share your own things and actions that inspire you, as well as tell me what happened, if you tried some of these suggestions! Have a creative and sunny weekend!

8 thoughts on “The Right Place, The Right Time. Photography Inspiration

  1. Great post – exactly the kind of thing I need..! I often tend to berate myself for not being creative enough, or not being inspired when I think I should be… I will try and chill out! :D

    • Ooh, I am glad you found it useful! :)
      You surely shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself!
      Good luck with that!

    • Well, yeah, you are right!
      If I had the chance to participate in one, I most def would! Good idea, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Great post and photos. I always love meeting other photographers. We might all use similar tools, but what we see varies as much as the people capturing the images

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