You Want A Piece Of Me? Something Personal

Even though I am here as a photographer, a creative worker, I sill remain human. If you would like, I can share more.  
she he him her love loving couple two raced together relationship photography black and white imagine about me more personal intimate feelings emotions sweet past happened

Lots of my creations are inspired by the on-flowing emotions and feelings. Positive AND negative. Usually the positive ones make me happy and all soft and dreamy, but the negative ones make me tough and contrasty and gives my photos attitude. 

I think one should not separate the daily happenings and photography.

So what about me now? Some say my style lately has changed and there most definitely there is a reason for that.

Times change and so do I. I think so. Well maybe I do not.

All I wanted to let you know is: you need to follow your heart. It can make you aspire for more and make abnormal creations. Life needs action and photography needs life. Whatever weather, you must go on and develop yourself further. If you feel like sometimes is not right, something is missing from your daily life and/or photography, do not be afraid to step up and change it. Changes are good.

6 thoughts on “You Want A Piece Of Me? Something Personal

  1. If photography is not reflecting your state of mind, or a mood, then they’re only documents. You’re right to let your mindset affect your work.

    • I’m glad we share this opinion!
      Thank you very much. I’ll be aware you’re watching! ;)

      Have a nice day!

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