1/52; 52 week self-portrait project

girl model falling for you passion emotions love feelings grass meadow field falling pose

So I have started yet another self-portrait project. This time it is 52 weeks of myself on photos.

This is week 1. Taken and edited on 13.06.

Title: I’m Fallin’ For You 

So this is my first from 52 weeks. Sweet. Took almost 12 hours to make this one, many obstacles and stuff, but here it finally is.

While taking the outtakes, I was trying not to wake up a nearby sleeping hobo guy in a blue sleeping bag and after all this my bottom and knees were quite bruised. And my pants were full of grass. Still: worth it! Found a superb location spot in my city, just a month before leaving. That is so me!

And, yes, this is a very personal message to someone special. ♥

Enjoy and take on some interesting projects!

One thought on “1/52; 52 week self-portrait project

  1. The video was very inspiring as something to remind us to not allow things to get between us and the ones we love. I’m glad to know this is so untrue. We cannot speak with or see the dead.

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