3/52 I Beg The Sky

conceptual portrait selfportrait magic wonder emotions been though begging hoping hope

3/52 I Beg The Sky

I’m on my knees begging in front of Father Time and Mother Distance.
There is no question if I want it; I need it. I can feel the time slowly drifting away. No more many bad news. Smoking one drag after another. I have not foreseen it, I dreamt it. I used to dream about peace once upon a time before I met you. It’s just a simple thing; it’s everything.
Just when it seems that the game is hopeless, we’ll arrange some things for the dreams to come true. Endless dreams about an island with a glass of galactic liquid in my hand. Hundreds of miles away I’m still here for you.
Where are we going? To the moon.


And just throwing in the out-take for this:

begging hopes sky eyes expressive selfportrait self-portrait conceptual photography creative ideas

(outtake) 3/52 I Beg The Sky

Felt like this could be a good addition for the original.

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