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this is a very old photo

My name is Kristine Petersone and my photography alter ego is Laine Apine. I picked up the camera approximately 10 years ago and I am finding loads of fun in the process since then.

I come from Latvia, studied in Groningen, the Netherlands. Now living in London, UK.

In my free time I am trying to let you see the interesting and beautiful world and people that surround us through my eyes.

Whatever catches my attention has the potential to inspire me. I consider the world around us a beautiful place and everyone should find a way to recognize it.

The feeling of creativity and passion flowing through my veins brings me excitement. I love the growing experience photography and working with people give me, I enjoy every little bit of it.

I have very close and warm feelings for vintage and that is why lot of my work is shot with 35mm film. Invaluable is the passion and taste of film photos. It is perfect in its simplicity.

My photography is the representation of me, my soul and my vision.

You can check out my work and happenings on the following sites:






I love to meet new people and cooperate, mutual satisfaction is a must. So I would really appreciate  hearing some feedback from you all and please feel free to contact me!


27 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for popping by my page. I love your pages, and your photos! I’ve just started teaching myself to take photos 4 weeks ago, and fallen in love with it…glad to say I’ve learned so much already from reading your posts!

    • You are welcome! Your blog seems very interesting.
      Just 4 weeks? That is just lovely! You’re in for a real treat!
      I am into photography for some time, but I am still exploring and getting to know it a bit more closer. The process of the photography-journey is very pleasant :)

    • Thank you greatly! It is amazing that my works can do what photography should be doing: set imagination free!
      This was an amazing compliment! :)

  2. Heyo! Thanks for dropping by =)
    Got to say you’ve got an awesome site going on! Love the 365 project you finish not long ago, lots of determination and dedication yeah! Keep the cool projects coming~

    • Thank you so very much about the kind words!
      I will surely try to do my best with developing myself in the field of photography.
      Some new projects coming soon! :)

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